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2018 Workshops

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Israel Wayne

06:30 Thu - The History of the Homeschooling Movement (at Hilton Garden)
Over the past 6,000 years, homeschooling has been the primary form of education for nearly every culture worldwide. Compulsory government schooling has only been around in America since about 1840, but it is so pervasive that for most parents, public schooling is all they have ever experienced. The modern-day homeschooling movement has taken America by storm, with nearly 2 million students being home educated nationwide. Learn about the origins of the rebirth of home-based learning, and discover God's purposes and plans for the future of the homeschooling movement.
08:30 Fri - Education: Does God Have An Opinion?
Is Education a neutral subject? Does God have a preference for how He wants children to be educated? What does the Bible teach about schooling? Is there one correct path for education? Are public schools a viable option for Christians? These questions and more will be discussed in this engaging presentation.
10:30 Fri - Pitchin' a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting
Everyone struggles with anger on some level, but when anger is a frequent occurrence with your children, over time, it will damage your relationships and hinder your effectiveness.  Are you tired of being stressed-out, and ready to have a peaceful atmosphere in your home? Learn how in this important workshop.
02:30 Fri - Homeschooling from A Biblical Worldview
Are your children prepared to face the "Real World?" Learn how to equip your children to stand against the flood of secularism that threatens to drown them. What is your worldview? How are you going to transfer it to your children? Will you be more effective than the media and popular culture? Discover how to teach your children to view the core subjects (and all of life) through the lens of scripture.
08:30 Sat - Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction?
Why do you homeschool? When your children are grown, what will define success for you? What is a Biblical philosophy of education? This workshop will help you to focus on what is really important. Israel will share with you what has helped his family avoid burnout and frustration in the many years of homeschooling.
10:30 Sat - Being Salt & Light Families
As homeschoolers, we are often accused of retreating from society instead of impacting it. What is the balance between sheltering our children and reaching out to a lost world around us? In this session, Israel explains how you can equip your children for the ‘real world' by developing a family ministry.
01:30 Sat - Is Homeschooling Just for Women?
For many men, homeschooling has been looked at largely as something their wives do. Many believe that if they pay the bills, that is really all that God expects of them. Biblically speaking, what is the proper role for men in the process of home education?

Jay Wile

07:40 Thu - Homeschooling: The Solution to Our Education Problem (at Hilton Garden)
In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a former university professor and high school teacher, explains why homeschooling is the best means by which a child can be educated in America. This seminar is filled with statistics that show homeschooled students are better academically prepared and better socialized than their publicly or privately schooled counterparts. These facts will bolster the resolve of homeschooling parents while equipping them to counter arguments from their detractors.
09:30 Fri - Creation vs Evolution: Religion vs Science or Religion vs Religion? (teens)
In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a nuclear chemist, shows that the creation versus evolution debate is really a debate between two religions. He shows that from a scientific method point of view, evolution is no more than an unconfirmed hypothesis. This puts it on the same ground as creation, which is also an unconfirmed hypothesis. He then demonstrates that those who believe in evolution have the same essential characteristics as religious believers. In the end, then, he concludes that the whole concept of evolution is a religious one.
11:30 Fri - Teaching Elementary Science Using History As a Guide
There are two main ways that science is taught today: the spiral approach and the immersion approach. In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile discusses a different method for teaching science in the elementary years: covering science topics chronologically. Science was learned in a definite, chronological sequence as early scientists developed ideas that were tested and improved by later scientists. If science is taught this way, students cover a wide range of topics each year and then revisit many of them as they were improved by later scientists.
05:30 Fri - Reasonable Faith: The Scientific Case for Christianity
This seminar provides a step-by-step argument that shows science provides an enormous amount of evidence for the validity of the Christian faith. Dr. Wile shows how historical and social science show that the best source of information regarding the Creator is the Holy Bible. He also shows the objective medical and historical evidence that indicates the Bible has, indeed, been inspired by God. Pulling from such broad scientific disciplines as nuclear physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, literary criticism, sociology, medicine, and historical science, Dr. Wile's argument is extremely persuasive.
09:30 Sat - What About K-6 Science?
Homeschooling parents are faced with a dizzying array of choices when it comes to teaching science at the elementary level. In this seminar, Dr. Wile, a former teacher at both the high school and university levels, helps parents make sense of it all. He discusses the two major approaches to teaching the sciences, giving the strengths and weaknesses of each. He then surveys the major curriculum choices available to homeschoolers in order to help parents focus on what will work for their children.
11:30 Sat - The Most Exciting Science Related to Creation
In this lecture, Dr. Wile discusses what he thinks is the most exciting scientific evidence that supports creation. He reviews the groundbreaking study that indicates that the vast majority of human DNA is functional, which directly contradicts what evolutionists have been teaching for more than 40 years. He discusses how radioactive carbon in dinosaur bones demonstrates that they can't be millions of years old, which leads to a discussion of the exciting soft tissue that has been found in many different dinosaur fossils.
02:30 Sat - "Teaching" the Junior High and High School Sciences at Home
In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile explains how any parents can help their children learn science at the upper levels. In order to help the homeschooling parent plan a science curriculum, Dr. Wile provides study timelines for both the science-oriented and the non-science-oriented student. In addition, he discusses the mathematical skills needed in order to maintain the proposed timeline.

Chap Bettis

11:30 Fri - Prodigals: A Conversation and Some Strategies
Jesus' story of the prodigal son is one of his most beloved stories. Many homeschool parents also know the pain of having a prodigal. In our time together we will discuss situations we are currently facing and think about some biblical principles to guide us going forward. This session will be saturated with gospel hope.
09:30 Sat - Aaron and His Sons: Understanding the Dangers of Passive Fathering
In Leviticus 10 we read the serious disobedience of Aaron's four sons. Could their sin have been connected to Aaron's passivity as a father? In this session for men we will examine our enemy of spiritual passivity and talk about strategies to defeat it.

09:30 Sat - Aaron and His Sons: Understanding the Dangers of Passive Fathering [85kB PDF]


Marilyn Boyer

09:30 Fri - My Kids Hate School! Setting Them Free with Passion-Driven Learning
Scripture tells us to train up a child in the way "he" should go - not the way "they" should go. Every child is a unique creation of God, with his own fascinating blend of talents, interests and yes, weaknesses. To help them fulfill their life callings, we must develop a specific plan for the training of each one. Come and learn how to work "with" the uniqueness of your child. Escape the bondage of expectations and set your child free to pursue his passions and be the whole person God created him to be.

09:30 Fri - My Kids Hate School! Setting Them Free with Passion-Driven Learning [145kB PDF]
09:30 Fri - My Kids Hate School! Setting Them Free with Passion-Driven Learning #2 [47kB PDF]

11:30 Fri - Homeschooling and Preschoolers Too?
What in the world do I do with my preschoolers? Marilyn Boyer has taught all fourteen of her children at home, so she has plenty of experience with any age group you can name. But, her very favorite age to teach is those eager, curious, exciting, challenging munchkins we call preschoolers. This, Marilyn says is the time when we lay the foundation for greatness by pouring love and acceptance all over them instead of treating them like a nuisance. Preschoolers aren't just little interruptions to be kept "occupied" while older siblings study. This season in a child's life is the time to tap into his huge potential by maximizing his natural love for learning and helping him to see that God is preparing him for a lifetime of important service. Come and learn from Marilyn how to make your little ones a valuable part of the team!

11:30 Fri - Homeschooling and Preschoolers Too? [232kB PDF]
11:30 Fri - Homeschooling and Preschoolers Too? #2 [1,584kB PDF]

02:30 Fri - Why I'm Glad I Homeschooled Through High School
Marilyn Boyer is no stranger to the joys and challenges of raising teenagers. With thirteen sons and daughters now having graduated from high school at home, Marilyn shares why she taught them herself from kindergarten through the high school years and why she wouldn't consider doing it any other way.

02:30 Fri - Why I'm Glad I Homeschooled Through High School [165kB PDF]
02:30 Fri - Why I'm Glad I Homeschooled Through High School #2 [227kB PDF]

10:30 Sat - Got Kids? Get Character!
The most important part of an education is the teaching of worthy character. Otherwise, we are only training more competent rebels! We sometimes fail to recognize that annoying traits such as whining, arguing, disobedience and tattling are not so much behavior issues as character needs. Character is the key that opens the door to successful adult living. It is the first thing that wise people examine when evaluating a prospective employee, spouse or friend. That's why character is the most important subject you will ever teach your children! Come hear Marilyn Boyer, mother of 14 homeschooled kids, and learn as she shares how to intentionally teach this most important of all subjects!

10:30 Sat - Got Kids? Get Character! [228kB PDF]
10:30 Sat - Got Kids? Get Character! #2 [59kB PDF]

01:30 Sat - WOW! You Mean THAT's HiStory?
Were you bored to tears in history class? So was Marilyn Boyer! History is not just a boring list of names and dates. It is the breathtaking panorama of human experience. Real people, real lives, real adventures. For nearly forty years, Marilyn has been learning history with her children in a way that is not only fun but life-changing. Come and learn how to do history as a family.

01:30 Sat - WOW! You Mean THAT's HiStory? [155kB PDF]


Rick Boyer

10:30 Fri - Clutter, Clatter, and the Things that Matter
Have you ever felt lost amid all the "stuff" marketed to home schoolers? Confused by the many voices telling you to do it this way or that way? There's no need to panic. The wisest man in history has some advice to offer. Come and hear powerful, practical solutions that will help you get your priorities straight. God wrote the Proverbs for parents just like YOU.

10:30 Fri - Clutter [1,002kB PDF]
10:30 Fri - Clutter #2 [92kB PDF]

01:30 Fri - How to Reduce Screen Time without Starting a War
For decades, parents were warned about the perils of too much television. Then along came the internet and the danger skyrocketed. How can you change your family's "default setting" from electronic entertainments to real, adventurous living? Here's the powerful Biblical solution and tons of practical ways to apply it.

01:30 Fri - How to Reduce Screen Time without Starting a War [53kB PDF]

11:30 Sat - In the Valley of "How Long?"
"How long, O LORD?  Wilt Thou forget me forever?" This was the cry of David's heart in Psalm 13. Most of us have been there. As a parent, you will probably encounter seasons when life is just too much and you despair of ever feeling that you're up to the challenge of raising godly children in a hostile world. But God had a solution for David and He has the same grace available to you. Come and hear how disappointment and tragedy were turned to victory in a homeschooling parent's life

11:30 Sat - In the Valley of "How Long?" [53kB PDF]


Tom Clark

10:30 Fri - Homeschooling Math without a Plan? You've Got to Be Kidding!
This workshop is designed to help parent-educators understand the scope, the sequence, and the logic of mathematics instruction from pre-school through adult. Join Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of "Algebra: A Complete Course", and "Geometry: A Complete Course", as he takes you on a sometimes humorous journey, describing all levels of arithmetic and all mathematics courses encountered in high school and college.  In addition, considerable attention will be given to identifying the "why" of the study of mathematics with an emphasis on the development of concepts, instead of rote memorization.

10:30 Fri - Homeschooling Math without a Plan? You've Got to Be Kidding! [193kB PDF]

01:30 Fri - Teaching Mathematics as a Language
Did you know that Mathematics has parts of speech and sentence structure, just as does any spoken language? Did you know that understanding the "grammar" of Mathematics greatly helps student understanding of problem-solving and applications?  In this workshop, Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of "Algebra: A Complete Course", and "Geometry: A Complete Course", clearly and humorously demonstrates this quality of mathematical language. You will understand the roles of all types of mathematical symbols, and you will see how to easily translate between Mathematics and English, enabling you to improve your understanding, and teaching, of story problems.

01:30 Fri - Teaching Mathematics as a Language [118kB PDF]

10:30 Sat - Divinely Inspired Mathematics
Really? Is it possible that Mathematics is actually divinely inspired? We are told that He created everything, and that He was "well-pleased" with His creation. But inspired? Join Tom Clark, founder and author of VideoText Interactive Mathematics, as he leads us in an exploration to find out if Mathematics is just neutral, or if it points directly to God. Find out what the Bible says about Mathematics, where it came from, and why it works. Be encouraged to look beyond the numbers to see the benefits of studying Mathematics.

10:30 Sat - Divinely Inspired Mathematics [127kB PDF]


Dell Cook

09:30 Fri - The Next Name in the Toledoth
Ever thought about how your great-great-great-grandchildren are going to remember you? This topic looks at how our thinking right now affects generations to come.
01:30 Fri - The Excellent Life (teens)
What so "good" about the Good News? Manifesting a biblical worldview leads toward a life that reflects God's Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The result is an alluring and captivating "fleshing out" of the Gospel. This talk examines the principles of an Excellent Life, as seen in 1 Peter.
02:30 Fri - The Nature of God and Man (teens)
A worldview is based on the question of the nature of God and man. What are some of the answers to this question and how do they affect how we live?
09:30 Sat - The Mystery of Godliness (teens)
What difference does worship make in how we think and live? Plenty, according to Dell Cook in this lecture. Dell examines the relationship and influence that Sunday has on Monday through Saturday.
10:30 Sat - Christian Ethics (teens)
As a man thinks, so he acts. This topic examines the principles of living well in the midst of a world that doesn't.

Mike Donnelly

07:10 Thu - The Compelling Case for Home Education (at Hilton Garden)
Are you curious about home education but not sure if you're ready to make the commitment? Do you have a friend or family member who says you're crazy if you homeschool? Join Mike to see why homeschooling may be the right choice for you. In this talk, Mike helps you understand the basics of homeschooling, shows how homeschooled students often outshine their public school peers, and sheds light on the myths surrounding homeschooling.
10:30 Fri - Elites to Homeschooling: We're Coming for You.
Increasing numbers of intellectual elites are calling for dramatic regulation and even eradication of private and home education. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized parents' rights to direct the education and upbringing of their children, American homeschoolers need to prepare to confront growing resistance to freedom in education, especially homeschooling. Come hear Mike examine this growing threat and discuss how American homeschoolers must face it.
02:30 Fri - Taming the Hydra
Is the federal government operating outside the boundaries of the Constitution? Does Congress delegate too much legislative authority to unaccountable regulatory agencies? How have we accrued massive deficits that put our country and our children's future at great risk? How does the president operate freely without explicit grants of authority from Congress or the Constitution? How has the Supreme Court become a quasi-legislative power, deciding that it is the final voice on what is or is not constitutional? Is this what the Founders intended? Clearly not. But what can citizens and states do to restore the American republic and put our country on a sound constitutional foundation? Mike explores how an Article V convention of the states could solve many of the problems our nation faces.
10:30 Sat - Juggling on a Tightrope
Today's father spends his precious few waking hours going in countless directions to address seemingly great needs, not least of which is his family. Our children have only one earthly father and our wives but one husband. How can we best invest our most precious resource - time? Where should we be investing it for eternal value? How can we properly lead our families and serve God in an increasingly demanding and busy world of sports, music, drama, church, school, support groups, and extended family responsibilities? How can we know when to say yes, and more important, when to say no? Must we choose between competing priorities to be effective stewards? Come hear thoughts on answering these questions from Mike as he shares insights gained from his experiences as a father of seven and as an army officer, entrepreneur, company executive, and attorney for Home School Legal Defense Association.
01:30 Sat - Mistakes that Can Cost You Your Kids
If you understand your rights, the law, and how to manage the interaction with government workers, there is no need to fear. They have a job to do - and so do you! Come and hear Mike discuss the most frequent issues homeschoolers face when dealing with school superintendents, principals, and social workers. In this practical talk, Mike discusses how to homeschool legally in your state and how to handle encounters with civic authorities.
02:30 Sat - Singled Out
Even when Mom and Dad are pulling together with a common vision, homeschooling can be challenging. How is it possible for single parents to manage these demands of providing for, protecting, and educating their children? Mike, who was raised in a single-parent home, shares his research and thoughts on how hundreds of single moms and dads can homeschool successfully on their own.

Dale Gamache

10:30 Fri - Foreign Language Learning at Home: Is It Achievable and If So...How?
One of the most challenging subjects to teach at home is Foreign Language. In this talk Dale Gamache will explore how to successfully learn language at home from early childhood through high school AND BEYOND!

10:30 Fri - Foreign Language Learning at Home: Is It Achievable and If So...How? [134kB PDF]

01:30 Fri - Online Courses: Best Practices to Success
Online courses are a great tool to teach the courses that you don't feel comfortable or competent teaching. Your child needs to be prepared for a different type of learning experience. This talk will focus on what the parent should look for in an online course, what types to avoid and how to guide your child during the course to assure them a successful completion.

01:30 Fri - Online Courses: Best Practices to Success [96kB PDF]

11:30 Sat - What Foreign Language Courses Will Pass the College Admissions Test?
All Foreign Language Programs are not equal in the eyes of the college admissions offices. This talk will help you to decide what type of Foreign Language instruction will and won't pass muster with the admissions board BEFORE you start high school language learning.

11:30 Sat - What Foreign Language Courses Will Pass the College Admissions Test? [125kB PDF]

01:30 Sat - Are Your Children's Smart Phones Making Them Dumb as Dirt
With over 35 years in the public school classroom, this talk will focus on the reflections of what the tidal wave of cell phone use has done to the learning process, thinking and reasoning skills, and attention span of young people since the advent of the "affordable" smartphone in 2007. We will explore what we can do to limit the damage and utilize the positive attributes of the technology. Please turn off your cell phone upon entering. JK!

Pamela Gates

09:30 Fri - Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates
Learn how to "Diagnose and Correct" learning disabilities, or just mild processing glitches. This is for your 'puzzling child'. Is it just a maturity issue, or is something else going on? If you have a bright, hardworking child who has to work too hard to learn, he is telling you that one or more of his Four Learning Gates is blocked. You can easily pinpoint which of your child's gates are blocked. Learn how to be your own diagnostician using a checklist of symptoms, and then learn the necessary interventions. This can be done by the parents at home. It doesn't have to be so hard for your child!

Find out specifically how the brain processes information, and where that processing can break down. You will learn things you have never heard of before in a Homeschool workshop. A homeschooling mom with a Ph.D. in special education said that she learned more in this workshop about how kids learn and how to make learning easier, than she had in all her university courses!

09:30 Fri - Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates [1,108kB PDF]

11:30 Fri - Teaching the Right Brain Child
Is your child a Right Brain learner? Half of the population is right brain dominant, and half is left brain dominant. You may have a right brain learner in your midst! These wonderful children learn in a different manner than their left brain siblings. If you have a child who does not "like" school work no matter what you do, you will learn much in this workshop. You will learn how to identify the right brain child, and learn many simple teaching techniques, such as Right Brain Reading and Right Brain Math. Right Brain Reading is the method Dianne Craft used in her Resource room to help all of her students make a two-year gain in reading in one year!

You can do this, too. Watch your children become good readers by using a totally different strategy! For kids who find math "miserable", this will be a Godsend. No curriculum required - just new teaching strategy - one you never thought of before! AND your child will: 1) finally store the math facts in his long-term memory; and 2) finally store math processes in his long-term memory. These visual memory techniques work with all types of learners, and can be an essential learning tool for a child who has an auditory processing glitch. Help your children get in touch with the "smart part of themselves", and be forever grateful to you for it.  Even works with adults!

11:30 Fri - Teaching the Right Brain Child [1,747kB PDF]

01:30 Fri - Smart Kids Who Hate to Write
Do you have a child who seems to be "allergic" to a pencil? If you have a child who groans and fusses about writing, or still writes reversals, or spells a word orally correctly but leaves out letters when he writes, this workshop is for you! This child's math papers are often hard to read because the numbers are lined up so poorly! These children are often thought of as sloppy, lazy, or unmotivated when they really have a writing glitch. They are using way too much energy for the writing process, so they are reluctant to put pencil to paper for anything. This often is a true Dysgraphia. The writing learning gate is the most common gate that is blocked with gifted kids. They know so much, but just can't get their thoughts down in writing because of this blocked learning gate.

In this workshop you will be shown a daily exercise you can do with your child to get the writing into his "automatic" brain hemisphere, and take the stress out of his writing system. Because this exercise remediates Visual/Motor Processing, it is used throughout the United States by athletes to improve performance on the court or field!

01:30 Fri - Smart Kids Who Hate to Write [864kB PDF]

09:30 Sat - Training the Photographic Memory
"Visual memory is far superior to auditory memory. It is essentially perfect." The Brain Book, Peter Russell

Many people think that some are just born with a "photographic memory." But we now know that this amazing ability can be easily taught. This is one of the best "gifts" you can give your child - the ability to use his strong photographic memory. Everyone looks smart when these strategies are used. Spelling Bee winners store their words in their photographic memory for quick retrieval. Your child can do this too, and become a good speller!! Vocabulary is learned in a totally different way! Imagine your child actually having fun improving his vocabulary for the SAT. Poor test takers will learn how to store facts using their photographic memory. You will learn how to help your child: 1) spell words forwards and backwards; 2) memorize vocabulary words in a snap; 3) learn how to study for tests by taking a picture of the contents of a chapter. These memory techniques are commonly used by Cambridge University students to reduce studying time.

09:30 Sat - Training the Photographic Memory [1,009kB PDF]

11:30 Sat - The Biology of Behavior
Johnny is a constant motion machine. Tom cries in frustration over minor matters. Susie forgets what she has just learned. According to Dr. Sydney Walker, children tend to "act how they feel". This fascinating workshop provides you with clues to your child's brain/body chemistry. William Crook, MD, has found that over 85% of children who suffer with Sensory Processing Disorders or attention or mood disorders when older have experienced multiple ear infections as a young child. Untreated, these children often go on to have many hidden food allergies and asthma.

It is easy to correct these imbalances at home and dramatically affect your child's learning day. The testimonies that we receive from parents across the United States who are using these simple remedies with their children are amazing!

11:30 Sat - The Biology of Behavior [992kB PDF]

02:30 Sat - Auditory Processing and Memory
Do you have a child whom you suspect has an Auditory Processing Problem? Become your child's own diagnostician as you identify, bypass, and correct auditory processing problems with your child at home. There are ten auditory channels. Some channels affect academics (reading, phonics and sight words, spelling, and math), while others affect everyday life (easily confused, misunderstands verbal information, sequencing, hearing own silent thinking voice, can't think with background noise, poor working memory, speech delay or articulation issues).

Learn to identify the exact auditory channels that are affected. Learn to bypass the auditory learning glitch by using the child's natural photographic memory and how to correct the auditory glitch by using the proven methods of home Brain Integration Therapy. MIT research shows that Targeted Nutrition Interventions (such as using the correct amounts of Essential Fatty Acids and a special supplement called lecithin) greatly improve memory in children and adults.  Find out what common food can be contributing to a child's articulation issues, by causing him to hear sounds, "like under water."

02:30 Sat - Auditory Processing and Memory [1,141kB PDF]


Walt & Glenda Grayum

09:30 Fri & Sat - Homeschooling: Seven Steps to a Great Start
This session will help you know what to think about, what to do, and what decisions to make as you begin your homeschooling journey. With practical advice and real life illustrations, you will be encouraged and informed. Whether you've already made the decision to teach your children at home, or are still considering, this workshop will answer the questions you're asking.

09:30 Fri & Sat - Homeschooling: Seven Steps to a Great Start [5,546kB PDF]


Lanny & Marilyn Johnson (Children's Program)

Lanny and Marilyn Johnson are former evolutionists trained in the sciences. Creation teaching was instrumental in bringing them to a settled assurance that all of God's Word can be trusted. In 1993, God led them to join Alpha Omega Institute and establish the Children's Ministry to fortify children and families with the truth of the Bible and to help them avoid the pitfalls of evolution.

The Discover Creation programs are fun and educational.  Fast paced power point programs, puppet shows, crafts, songs, and hands-on science activities all combine to help children understand the truth of Creation and the problems with evolution.


Kim Kautzer

09:30 Fri - The Writing Process: Inch by Inch, It's a Cinch!
Do you have a reluctant writer? Getting this child to put pencil to paper can be challenging enough, but expecting him to embrace the whole writing process is another thing altogether. Each step of the process from brainstorming to final draft is important, but kids often think of these "extra steps" as time wasters. Kim shares practical tips for teaching children of all ages to plan, draft, self-edit, revise, and write a polished story or essay they're proud to share! You'll also come away feeling more encouraged and equipped to take your children on a journey through the writing process.
11:30 Fri - Writing: Make It Relevant! Make It Fun!
Writing can be practical and fun for all subjects! Whether you homeschool with unit studies or are simply looking for fresh ways to explore a topic, writing across the curriculum is perfect for tying writing into other areas of interest. This workshop will leave you with a wealth of ideas not just for compositions, but for projects and activities that combine writing with art, music, drama, poetry, history, science, and more. Ideal for parents teaching mixed ages and grades.

11:30 Fri - Writing: Make It Relevant! Make It Fun! [401kB PDF]

02:30 Fri - 101 Ways (and Reasons) to Use Journaling in Your Homeschool
Journaling is a popular word these days. After all, stress-free writing with no advance prep is pretty appealing! But is journaling an effective writing tool? Should this type of writing be edited or graded? Is journaling good for my kids? Kim answers these questions and more as she shares dozens of journaling methods and benefits, such as how to enhance history and nature studies through journal activities and how to use creative writing prompts to spark joy in your most reluctant writers.

02:30 Fri - 101 Ways [356kB PDF]

09:30 Sat - How to Motivate and Nurture Young Writers
What's the secret to raising enthusiastic writers? Hook them while they're young with fun, appealing activities that teach foundational writing skills and help ward off stubbornness and bad attitudes. Kim will share engaging prewriting games, clever brainstorming ideas, and creative publishing projects that will make your K-6th graders eager to write and proud to be published. It's never too soon - or too late - to get your kids excited about writing!

09:30 Sat - How to Motivate and Nurture Young Writers [5,142kB PDF]

11:30 Sat - Stretching Your Gifted Writer
Not every child is a reluctant writer. How do you challenge "that child" who writes for fun, uses advanced vocabulary, or expresses mature thoughts in great detail? While siblings or friends struggle with everything from generating ideas to basic punctuation and paragraphing, gifted kids enjoy the freedom of trying new techniques and expressing themselves in fresh ways. Kim helps you tailor your teaching to meet the needs of your gifted elementary and tween writers with ideas that include writing in different genres, writing across the curriculum, outside-the-box journaling, and poetry.
01:30 Sat - Writing Skills: More Important than Ever!
For better or worse, your teen's writing skills can influence his future in college and beyond. Because of poor skills, many students must take remedial writing courses in college - if they get admitted at all. And in the workplace, employers are not only passing over applicants with below average writing skills, they consider writing ability a key factor when offering promotions. As a homeschooling parent, you can prepare your child for college and the work force by teaching fundamental writing skills now, while there's still time. Join Kim for an encouraging seminar as she offers tips and suggestions to help you prepare your student for the future.

Rhea Perry

09:30 Fri - Home Business Education 101: Foundational Principles that Aren't Taught in School
Owning a home business is just one way for young people to implement practical leadership abilities to impact their world. Leadership education is different from employee-oriented education. So how do you know if you are encouraging your students to be leaders or followers? Get the answers, plus learn the secrets of entrepreneurial education the Perry family has discovered from almost 30 years of homeschooling, not just get a diploma but to live financially free!
11:30 Fri - How We Brought Our Dad Home from Corporate America in Just Three Years
When Drew Perry was 18, he became a real estate investor and brought his college-educated dad home from corporate America in just three years. He also created a system for selling houses on eBay in just 7 days, which he sold to investors. Rhea's second son, Will, owns and operates a successful commercial roofing company. If you don't know what to do with your budding entrepreneurs, make sure they don't miss this story (with pictures) of how the Perrys live simply, glorify God by serving others with their natural talents, and build financial freedom doing what they love through home business.
10:30 Sat - Five Home Business Projects that Teach Financial Literacy and Create Income
In this insightful session taught by an award-winning Internet business owner and veteran homeschool mom of 7, you will learn the fundamentals of five proven home businesses your family can start part-time to possibly bring dad home like they did! You'll also learn why some of your children never finish a job, why others are not self-motivated, and how to work toward building a laptop lifestyle of freedom.

Mike Shrock

10:30 Fri - Tinker Toys and God's Higher Ways (teens)
Not only is God the best, but His Ways are the best as well. But, many think of God's ways as just a bunch of rules to follow. Wrong!!! This session shows through Tinker Toys how His ways are higher ways, better ways, the way to freedom, genuine love, and abundant life. This session shows how to latch onto God's higher ways by being "transformed by the renewing of your mind."

10:30 Fri - Tinker Toys and God's Higher Ways [345kB PDF]

11:30 Fri - When You Feel Like Calling Fire Down from Heaven (teens)
Mad? Angry? Ticked off? Or just frustrated? Whatever you call it, it will drive away friends, affect your future marriage, and destroy relationships. No one likes being around a volcano that could erupt at any moment. What are the dangers of anger, the signs of anger, and some  Biblical solutions that will help solve anger issues. How does one deal with an angry person and how do I get rid of these feelings that scream at me?

11:30 Fri - When You Feel Like Calling Fire Down from Heaven [203kB PDF]

01:30 Fri - Sons and Daughters: Helping Them Thrive after They Leave the Nest
Sons and daughters are very different to raise and have very different roles to train and target. Raising godly children is strategic. Many young men feel unequipped to face the challenges set before them as a future husband, father, and provider. Daughters also often feel unsure of what it takes to be an effective wife and mother, or single.  In this session, 8 trainable qualities will be discussed that young men and women will need to be successful after they leave your nest.

01:30 Fri - Sons and Daughters: Helping Them Thrive after They Leave the Nest [213kB PDF]

11:30 Sat - What You Plant Is What You Get (teens)
Where do you want to be in 3 years, 5 years? What you choose today will determine what you can choose tomorrow. Do you want to go to college, but do not study in high school? Do you want God's blessings, but never read His Word? What do you expect? This session discusses the principles of sowing and reaping, how to make good decisions, and how to get life to grow the things you want.

11:30 Sat - What You Plant Is What You Get [206kB PDF]

01:30 Sat - Givers and Takers, Movers and Shakers (teens)
Is life boring or is life abundant? Is your Christian life working for you or is it lifeless? This session discusses a stealth attitude in our culture that is robbing joy and destroying life in teenagers. Learn two principles that will turn boredom to blessing and discontentment to abundant life.

01:30 Sat - Givers and Takers [105kB PDF]

02:30 Sat - Work Wisdom from Proverbs (teens)
Work...everyone has to do it sometime. We will all eventually be spending as much or more time working as we do sleeping.  God's Word is loaded with principles of work and employment that can make work enjoyable, profitable, and fruitful for His Kingdom. This session looks at work principles and character qualities that teens can develop that will prepare them to run a business, be an indispensable employee, or manage a house full of homeschooled kids.

02:30 Sat - Work Wisdom from Proverbs [203kB PDF]



10:30 Sat - Connecticut Rights at Risk!
Join TEACH as we bring you up to date on the legislative climate facing home educators in Connecticut, and nationwide.

Issues of particular interest include:

- The ceaseless push to regulate homeschooling in CT, and elsewhere: Why?
- Outcome of the CT legislative forum on "Homeschooling and Communication" on April 26th
- Homeschooling and abuse: the real story
- Educational Savings Accounts (ESA's): What are they and are they good for homeschoolers?


Tomorrow's Filmmakers

09:30 Fri & Sat - Filmmaking 101 Hands-on Workshop
Do you have the desire to start filming, but don't know how or where to begin? Have you ever wondered how to get great shots on your video device, whether it be an iPhone or a DSLR? Is your teen interested in filmmaking skills even just for casual enjoyment? In this hands-on workshop, we will teach you all of the basics you need to know to begin filming. You will learn how to shoot manually using ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. You will learn how to get the correct exposure with any camera. We will show you where to begin when upgrading your camera, and also how to use what you already have. We will give real-life examples, as well as hands-on experience and advice with your own camera. The only equipment necessary is whatever video device you have - smartphone, DSLR or handycam. If you don't have a video device yet, come and learn what you will need and how to use what you get.

This is a two hour session that will run each morning. Registration has been filled for these sessions and is now closed.


Kim Wright

02:30 Fri - Soaring Not Stumbling: Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers
Reading and spelling are complex skills that involve the mind, muscle memory, learning styles and the heart. Join us, as we discover the reasons why many students struggle. Practical information will be interwoven with stories from her experiences. This workshop will lay the foundations for teaching reading and spelling, aid teachers in selecting curriculum, and help teachers heal and guard their students' hearts from discouragement.

02:30 Fri - Soaring Not Stumbling: Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers [96kB PDF]

01:30 Sat - Nerf Guns & Shaving Cream: Teaching Reading & Spelling to Kids Who Can't Sit Still
Engage your active learners through movement, and let the fun begin! In this workshop, we will reveal the natural kinesthetic components to reading and spelling and teach parents how to tap into them to enhance learning for all students. As she shares stories of teaching her active crew, you will discover the God-given gifts of kinesthetic learners and how to work with them rather than against them. Although this workshop will focus on reading and spelling, the concepts are easily applied to other subjects.

01:30 Sat - Nerf Guns & Shaving Cream: Teaching Reading & Spelling to Kids Who Can't Sit Still [110kB PDF]

The handouts on this page are PDFs, which require an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.  If your computer doesn't have a PDF reader installed, please click here to get Acrobat Reader:



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